Francis Marion hourglass poem

Went into war with Indians in 1761 as militia

Led great attack against big Indian spot

Became leader in September 1778

Escaped being captured

Francis Marion

Broke his ankle

He fought under Benjamin Lincoln

Leader of south Carolina second state regiment

Could not take part in war because broke ankle

Battle of Saratoga

The battle happened Friday,September 19,1777.the battle took place in Saratoga,New York.The United States won the battle of Saratoga, and Great Britten lost.The temperature was 52’F,and it was a cloudy day.The U.S. had 9000 troops in their army,while Great Britten had 7900 troops in their army.General John Burgoyne led Great Britten.The battle took place nine miles from Saratoga,New York.Eventually, Britten retreated because there was no hope for them.



With my birthday ending 2016,and 2016 going by so fast,its been an exciting year so far. I’m so exited for what this year has to offer and i’m so exited to be turning twelve at the end of the year.

Pearl Harbor Attack

The Pearl Harbor Attack  was a shock to everyone,killing thousands of American soldiers and their family/loved ones.It happened on a day where we were all relaxing and sleeping in.They thought the planes incoming where the supply drops,but it was the Japanese planes coming in to bomb us on a December 7,1941.The Japanese submarines were a great hit too.They did more damage than the bomb did,and they brought us into  WWII.after the war was over we went to give Japan a present too,the only two nucular bombs in the world.

The Kid That Ran For President Book Review

The Kid That Ran For President is a pretty great book.I like that it shows that a kid ran for president and actually tried.It shows he has a normal life, and then all of a sudden he runs for president, its amazing!The author, Dan Gutman, makes amazing books and this is one of them.A lot of people around the world enjoy the book and I did too, so if you get the chance make sure to get the book and read it!