Time I Was Scared/Humans of 5th Grade

I remember being in the hospital, eager to know if my friend, Jessup, was alive. I was so scared. I could feel my adrenaline running, my heart skip a beat, and my stomach flip flop. It was horrible. I was hoping he would live, because this was not the type of day I was looking for. After we found out he had a seizure, we were 90% sure he was okay. His status was unknown so it was super scary. I was in the waiting room with a whole bunch of other people I didn’t know, but I knew we were all here for the same thing, Jessup. Everyone was eager to see if Jessup was alive, but when his dad came in the waiting room crying and hugging his mom, it was clear, he was dead. We all were shocked and sad at the same time, I started crying and hoping they were wrong, they were not.

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